Sunday, October 14, 2012

Burlap and Lace projects

These are some projects that we created while my friend, Kathy was visiting me. Kathy did the top one and I did the bottom one. I put the key and heart on mine because I thought he might could be someone's long lost love. I think I might be making more of these because I love the look of the burlap and lace together.

Poison Bottle Swap

 This is a Poison Bottle swap that I did for my online art group. I did 3 coats of white glue on each bottle and let each coat dry. Then I did a spray on sealer and let that dry. Then I did Ranger's clear crackle paint and let it dry. Then I added a brown distress ink to the Fur of Werewolf bottle and let it dry and then sprayed it again with a sealer. I added purple distress ink to the Petrified Butterflies Bottle and a green ink to the Vampire Fangs bottle. The Werewolf bottle has some "fur" from a cat toy inside it, the Petrified Butterflies has dried flowers in it, and the Vampire Fangs has rosemary inside it. I think they turned out wonderfully spooky! I hope Whitney likes them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sing Your Art Out

This is a magazine picture that I did a paint over on. I draw around the features, drybrushed on Gesso lightly, then water colored over her. Then I did the background on stickyback canvas so that I could include her in my art journal. I cut her out and added her to the background and then stamped the words on a gessoed square so that they would pop. I love her simitransparent look! She was such fun to do.