Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twinchie display and other treasure displays on my mantle

I wanted to display my treasured twinchies for all my family to enjoy but keep them out of my little Grandson's reach. I have put them on my old mantle's Thanksgiving garland which is some fancy Fall ribbon and orange trim. This is not a fireplace but a display of this wonderful old mantle that we stripped and refinished.(click on the picture to see a larger view.) We've had the mantle for over 20 years. It came out of an old house that was being torn down. I've got the twinchies on an orange piece of trim that my Sister was going to discard and I scooped it up cause I loved the Fall colors. She will be amazed at the display of it I'm sure.
The pumpkins on the bottom shelf are real pumpkins and the ones on the top shelf are ceramic ones that I made about 20 years ago and they were in the attic. I just rediscovered them after a trip up into the attic.
I've got my Thankful ATC on display on the left side and the Thanksgiving cards for each family are on the right side. Those little ceramic turkeys salt and pepper shakers were also found in the attic with the pumpkins.
The bowl in the middle was a carnival glass wedding gift given to us 38 years ago. And the leaves in the middle of the ribbon garland were velvet leaves also found in the attic. Oh and one more treasure is on the mantle. It's the old clock that my Mother-in-law's bother earned when he was a child selling Clorine salve door to door and gave to his Mother for Christmas.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful - Think Monday - Think ATC

This is my ATC for the Think Monday - Think ATC challenge for this week which was a cloth/paper challenge. I used an image of a beautiful vintage looking tablecloth that I found in a magazine that I have been saving for something special. The transparent image of the woman is from dibonadesigns.com and she reminds me of a favorite Aunt. The ribbon is the real cloth and it was run through the computer to add the word "Thankful". I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and having my family with me. I will be thankful for them and those that we remember so fondly.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas corsage

Our latest challenge in our art group was to do a Christmas corsage. Mine is a combination ribbon brooch and old fashion Christmas corsage like women used to wear on the coats at Christmas time.

Monday, November 17, 2008

cabinet card swap

Oh joy I am doing the happy dance! The cabinet cards that my online art group did arrived today in the mail and it makes me very glad that I joined this swap.

The artwork is all wonderful. You girls just don't know how much I'll treasure these. I love all the little special touches. I can't quit touching them and looking at them.

#1 - The Good Girl - by Cher. She is wonderfully naughty! I'll bet that was a wild time she had in Paris.

#2 - Dilbert DoRight - by Jean. She did a whole family of Dorights with a story about them on the back and I was one of the lucky ones to get a DoRight family member.

#3 - The Sewing Queen- by Candy. Not only is she beautiful on the front but she has a beautiful Photographic studio print on the back.

#4 - The Gambler - by Gloria. Oh, I love those dollar signs in his eyes! Look at all those special touches!

#5 - The seamstress - by Gloria. Can't quit touching all this great vintage stuff!

#6 - Walrus Soup - by Kris. Walrus soup is the perfect title for this one and I love the colors!

#7 - Follow your Dreams - by Claudia. Yes, I know we only did 6 but Claudia and I swapped with each other for an extra one. Don't you just love these bright wonderful colors? They are also sparkly because they are H2Os.

#8 - The cabinet card holder - Joan. The inside is accordian folded like a book & the cards fit into the folds like they are fitting into files. I love my altered ancestor holder!

Sweetheart Corn - Think Monday - Think ATC

Our challenge for this Monday was to do an ATC having to do with food. The label is from Dover Old time Label Art images.
The Bingo background was a free image I found online but it was from a long time ago and I didn't know then to save the source when I saved it.
I thought the typewritter key letter and grungeboard heart and uneven stamped stitching went along with the feel of the image.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cat in bird feeder

I just could not resist taking a picture of one of my four cats in this

old bird feeder. This is Target. She is named Target because that is

where she was found.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Keep it under your hat ATC - Think Monday - Think ATC

Here is my ATC for this weeks challenge at Think Monday- Think ATC which is purple.
The background stamps are a diamond pattern from Rubbernecker stamps and a leaf and flower stamp from Best Blossoms from Stampin UP. The Mod Hatter is from Stampendous.
And just in case it doesn't translate well - She is a gossip urging someone not to tell the "secret" she just told you and she urging you to "keep it under your hat."
But of course she wants the "secret" told.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This plate was the inspiration for our online art group's November challenge. We can do any artwork and let the colors or patterns inspire us.
I did these earrings and used the colors in the plate and the shape of the plate. I loved them so much that I just had to make a pair for myself too.

Laugh cabinet card

I had to do a class for our altered book meeting today and I choose to teach how to do altered cabinet cards with Twinkling H2Os. This is how my card turn out.
These were such fun for everyone.
We all shared with each other. Some of the stamps ,the vintage button, butterfly, flower, key and dragonfly brad were either RAKs I had from other friends or things we shared today.
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends!
The quote says, "Take time to laugh. It is the music of the soul."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspired birthday card

I love to read Jennifer McGuireink's blog and she recommended that everyone should look at Lisa Carroll's blog and see her cards. I did go to her blog and was especially inspired by this card:
So I created this similar card.

bi-fold birthday card

This is the front and inside of the first bi-fold card that I have attemped. I really like it and think that I'll be making more of these.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November recipe card

This is the front and back of my recipe cards for my altered book club. We have been swapping recipe cards for months now and I have some real treasures. I also swapped recipe cards with my online group. So now I have 3 small books of them.
This is the recipe I used for my turkey last year and it is yummy! It is from Emeril Lagassee. I plan on doing this recipe again this year for
Thanksgiving because it was a big hit with my family.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Think Monday- Think ATC - Christmas Angel

This is my Christmas angel for Think Monday - Think ATC.