Saturday, December 26, 2015

The last two days of the 12 days of Christmas gift swap

I have been celebrating Christmas and have not put the last 2 days' gifts for the 12 days of Christmas on my blog. But all the celebrations all calming down and I finally have time to do that today.
The first gift is a sweet blue pair of earrings from Darlene in Ohio on a Christmas card.The second one is a calendar from Laurie in Iowa. The light above the calendar is reflected in the shiny surface of the calendar.
Thanks to all the girls who did the swap. You made Christmas special at my house!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12 Days of Christmas and a RAK

This is Day 8 of my gifties and this one was sent to me by Barb L. in Washington and it is a set of 3 book markers. One is a corner marker, another is a ribbon book marker and the 3rd is a paper clip marker which I cannot find due to the craziness of Christmas in my craft room. Hopefully it will turn up soon! I know I will enjoy these I my bedside table where I do most of my reading!

Day 9 us a gorgeous white bracelet from Judy in Illinois. I will feel so pretty in this! Can't wait to wear it.

Day 10 is an adorable little red cardinal to go onto my Christmas tree from Teresa in Utah . He looks awfully cute sitting in my tree. And Teresa also sent me a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) of a Christmas 4x4. Isn't she cute too? She will go into my little Christmas book that I received from Yooper in Florida last month in an anything goes swap.

Only 2 more gifties to go and then it will be Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

This is what I made for Day 7 for the 12 days of Christmas. It is not a Christmas item but we can do that so a cuff braclet is what I decided to do so that everyone can use them any time and not just at Christmas.

12 Days Christmas - Day 5 and 6

Day 5 is  a calendar from Shellie in Washington and Day 6 is a bracelet from Gwynn in California. Thanks Shellie and Gwynn, I know I will enjoy both of these!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 and 4

Here are the gifties that I received for day 3 and 4. The first one is from Alice in Texas and is a cute little ornament done on canvas with my initial. the 2nd one is from Joan in Washington and it is a vintage bingo card Christmas hangie. I have it hanging on my glass front library shelves with some of the grandkids and kids next door's pictures.


Monday, December 14, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

This is a swap that I join each year with my online art group, AAWA (An Affair With Art). These are my first two gifties in group two. The first one is from Susan in Texas and I just think it is adorable!
The second one is from Julie (also from Texas). I love the ornament and the writing pad is so thoughtful this time of year!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our local Altered Book Club Christmas party

These are pictures of our Altered Book Club party which was held at my house and some of the pictures were so funny that I almost cried laughing looking at them so I decided to make them into a fairy tale. I love a good fairy tale, don't you? Some of the pictures are funny because sometimes I cannot tell what they look like until I view them bigger on the computer. Blame it on my old eyes!

The first few pictures are of my house with the Christmas decorations up and those are not the fairy tale. The fairy tale begins with the people pictures. With apologies to Jean and Brenda here goes –

Nothing like an early party to make you get your decorating get done. This is a table I set up for Claudia and Martha & I was unsure if they would be able to make it to the party and sadly they were not able to come to the party due to health issues. So this table became a display table for our gifts and art we had made to show each other.

These are the other tables that I had set up for us to eat.

So Now the fairy Tale begins -

Jean decided to make some new laws for our group so she laid down the law while Linda and Karen read the new laws.

Brenda could NOT believe it but Char just laughed! We all love to hear her laugh!

Linda tried to be supportive while Karen was unsure but Jean just let them know with a look that she was dead serious!

Autumn and Nancy thought that it was funny too but Pam had to call Roxie & Claudia and tell them!

Mitzi was surprised and Brenda was still trying to figure it out and Char was still laughing!

Pam was desperately trying to explain the new rules to Claudia!

Linda and Karen finally got the joke and they laughed about it too! Jean was only teasing and we really don't have new rules! Aren't you glad Brenda?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Angel collage

I did an angel for Mix It Monthly where the challenge is "What wings are For" and we were asked to use real feathers. I always see angels depicted as female but my angel is a male. When the Bible speaks of angels, they speak of male angels. I don't know if all angels are male or not but I wanted my angel to be a male who was in adoration. I used the yellow in the blue to represent light because in the Bible most of the time people see a bright light when they see angels. My depiction of him is not perfect but he certainly reminds me of the reason for the season and the Christ is to adored and worshiped especially at this time of the year when we celebrate His birth. I am also linking this to Art Journal Journey where the theme is collage with writing. I hope you enjoy seeing my angel and I wish you a very blessed and Happy Christmas.