Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bird Nest

I did carefully get up on a ladder down at my barn and took a picture of the nest. I was dissapointed because I could not get a picture inside the nest because it is too high and too close to the roof of the barn. Even my little camera would not fit in that tiny spot. I did snap a picture or two but it was too blurry to see in there even on macro. I was able to get a feather or two more out of it. That is the feathers you see sticking out of the nest and that is horse mane hair on the outside.
I think that the mother barn swallow has found those feathers somewhere & is using those feathers to make her nest softer. They seem to be connected to the nest. So of course, I got down and I'm not going to bother her nest anymore. Hopefully she will have a nice nest of babies. If I see babies, I'll keep you posted and if I find out about the feathers I'll let you know. Who knows - they might be guineafowl after all!

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Char said...

Pretty feather but I have no idea who it belongs to. You inquired as to what a spin machine is. You stick a piece of paper in it and drizzle paint on it while it turnes real fast. The design is like the card below India, The one I used was made by Crayola. It was a childs machine.