Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diva reminder board

This is a piece that I did for my art group's July Lottery. My art group is "An Affair with Art" better know as AAWA. The theme for this lottery was pink and orange. When you do a piece for the lottery, you post a picture on the group's site and at the end of the month someone wins all the art in that month's lottery. And this month there were some great things in there. I have my fingers crossed.

My piece was a dry erase board from Target that I altered with a girl that was on sale I picked up some years back because she was a New Year's doll from 2004! I just knew I could find a perfect use for her somehow. She is perfect because we also have a "Long Cool Drink" theme going on in the group for another fun swap the group is doing.

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Diann said...

I just love your dry erase board for the lottery in AAwART! Great piece and yes, you did find just the right place for the special lady! Great job! I'm anxious to find out the winner too....lots of nice things! Diann