Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friends Award

My friend, Autumn nominated me for this award. Here is Autumn's blog if you'd like to see it:
Autumn is in my online art group, An Affair with Art - AAWA and she is local too so I get to get together with her and some other friends and create art. I am so blessed because Autumn is very talented. Thanks for this award, Autumn and I am certainly proud to be your friend!

When you get this award, you are supposed to right click onto it and save it so that you can upload onto your blog and nominate your own circle of 5 other friends. So here are my who my 5 awards are going to:

Barbara is also in my online art group. She is such a sweet and giving person. I always enjoy talking to her on the phone. I got to hear her crow talk to me the last time I talked to her. If you love Halloween, you'll love her blog! Check out this framed spider here

Barbara H is on my online art group too. You've got to check out her post, "She won him playing Bingo" here: and her post, "A Banner month" here:
She has such talent and I'm so inspired by her!
Kate's blog -
Kate is also in my online art group. Kate does beautiful paper artwork but she also does glass art work. She has such a giving and generous heart! She sent me this glass button and bead that she made as a RAK to me. I treasure them and I'm daydreaming about what special thing I'm going to create with them.

I found Jean's blog throught the Think Monday - Think ATC website.
Jean always inspires me with her website. I always can't wait to see her header because she changes it from one fabulous picture to another! Her blog is always filled with creativity and an explosion of colors! I love her post, "An ode to Betty Crowe" here:
I know my friend Barbara R above will love this artwork too!
I found Gayle's blog through the Think Monday - Think ATC website too.
I am absolutely astounded at the amount of beautiful artwork that she creates! She takes time to leave me some wonderful comments on my artwork which I always appreciate.
Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and just take some time to relax and enjoy her blog!


Barbara Hagerty said...

Nancy, thank you so much for thinking of me for this award!! I appreciate it so much! Give me a few days and I'll get it onto my blog!! XOXO

Autumn said...

Great Nancy! So glad you got it uploaded and found the goodies for your little house! It was fun being with y'all on Tuesday (as always)!