Monday, December 21, 2009

Prize package

I have been on the EK Success Consumer board for some time now and recently did a survey for them and they said there would be 20 people that would win a prize package. Well, Friday I came home and there was a package on my front porch. It was like Santa visited and left me a prezzie! I was so excited and thrilled to get a prezzie especially at Christmas time.
Thank you, EK Success!
Here is what I got:
There was a punch needle kit. I've never done an punch needle work before and I'm excited to find out how to do it after the holidays.
There was over 20 Jolee's stickers and other fun packages of stickers. Wahoo! A whole box of fun!
There was a fun scrapbook that has folders inside with the page protecters. I've never seen a scrapbook like this and I'm looking forward to being able to save some memorabelia in the folders.
There is a curvey cutter that interlocks apparently to do all types of shapes - circles, ovals, squares and curvey lines. I am super excited about this! I have the circle cutter and I love it!
There are Jolee Swarovski crystals (which I've alread torn into) and a package of Christmas ornaments. I love making earrings so the Swarovski crystals will be really enjoyed and the Christmas ornament will be opened this Christmas when the kids and grandson are here.
And last, there is a Martha Stewart collector's box. It is a hinged shadow box frame that you put something special into. Hmm! Wonder what an altered artist can put in there! Hmm! All sorts of possibilities, aren't there?
I'm going to have fun for a long time using all those goodies!


Robin said...

Congrats on the goodies! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Autumn said...

Woo hoo! Doing the happy dance for you!
~ Autumn

Diann said...

Wow....this is a fabulous bunch of goodies! I know you are happy as can be and I'm happy for you! Diann