Wednesday, September 8, 2010

gifts for some special people

The wreath was a present that I made for my Sister for her birthday. The flowers are from my Mom's hydrangea bush and from my friend, Bren's bushes. I added a pretty blue ribbon after this picture was taken. I thought those pretty blooms needed to be enjoyed and they were already 95 percent dried.
The Shadow box is shown opened and closed. The inside picture was made from materials that I left out all winter in the elements for an erosion bundle. The art supplies are left out in the weater to see what the elements would do to the art supplies. I also showed the art supplies as they looked when they came out of the bundle. Not all of the materials were used so I may make another piece of art from them. The cowgirl was printed on the library card.
The shadowbox will be shown at my local altered book club for a project we were supposed to do. We were told to make a piece of hanging art.
Then I will give this shadow box to a special friend that wishes she were a cowgirl. So this project helped me do art from the erosion bundle, art for my altered book club project, and make a gift for a friend. Now don't you just love it when you can kill three birds with one stone?


Diann said...

How exciting to see how you used some of the items in your winter erosion bundle! I love your ART here...the box turned out lovely and your sister's hydrangea wreath is beautiful! Diann

Elaine A said...

The hydrangea wreath is gorgeous, and your sister will love your wreath. I just love the colors. The cowgirl piece created from the items in your erosion bundle is awesome and the box is also lovely. Great job, Nancy!!!

Autumn said...

So pretty! Happy to see you creating again. I'm sure it feels good!