Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art for Jeri

I've got a new laptop and finally back to posting art again. Here are 2 pieces for my friend, Jeri. The Scarlet Paige one is for her Grandmother's book and the America one if for the lottery in our online art group, An Affair With Art, that she won this month. Whoever wins the lottery picks something that she'd like the girls to do for her. Jeri's theme was a 4th of July theme. It just might be because her birthday is very close to the 4th. I hope she enjoys both and I hope she has a very Happy Birthday. A group of us girls from South Carolina will be flying to Texas in July very soon to go to the Artfull Gathering that our group has every year. We are so excited and cannot wait!


Diann said...

How neat to see your ART for all of it! Diann

Sherry said...

Thanks for stopping by my new non-art blog. I remember stopping by here the other day from AAWA. Will you be going to the get together in Grapevine?