Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lover's Eye Token and Orchid

This is a Lover's Eye Token that I made for my friend, Dee in my online art group, AAWA (An Affair With Art). Eye tokens were made long ago with secret loves in mind. It is hard to tell who the person is with just one eye and maybe that was done on purpose. The person who wore the eye tokens that were made long ago wore them close to their hearts. But these are made just as a fun art project for Valentine's Day. This one was made with a form from Paper Whimsy Here and the back form has holes for the beads but the front form was wire wrapped in order to get the beads around it. The back form was painted metallic turquoise and the front form was painted antique gold. The heart
is a small sequin. Then I used glossy accents to seal the eye. I hope that Dee enjoys this for Valentine's Day. I love doing these because they are really fun to do. I just had a hard time because one of my cats wanted to help me and it is not easy to wire beads on with a cat paw in it!
This is the orchid today. It only has 4 more blossoms to go and then it will be in full bloom. It is a beautiful sight every day to look at and really is brightening up these very cold days in January.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I never heard of a Lover's Eye Token before. Yours is beautifully made and it's a great idea for Valentine's Day.