Friday, December 9, 2016

Isiah 11:1 and Isiah 46:9

Gerald and I are studying Isaiah for our daily Bible reading. My friend, PJ at church has asked that we do some Bible journaling on Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 46. I found the drawing of the man on Pinterest and wanted to draw him for my journaling on Isaiah 46:9. I think Isaiah was trying to warn Judah that God was so displeased with their idol worship. They had completely forgotten God and they were the nation that was to bring the Savior to the world! They were so broken but through Isaiah, God reminded them that He was God and there was NONE like him!
But isn't it just like God to use the broken to bring the Savior into the world. Isn't it amazing what Isaiah saw about the coming Savior so many years before He was born. And then isn't it amazing that we can come and adore Him now! Oh come let us adore him!

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