Monday, November 17, 2008

cabinet card swap

Oh joy I am doing the happy dance! The cabinet cards that my online art group did arrived today in the mail and it makes me very glad that I joined this swap.

The artwork is all wonderful. You girls just don't know how much I'll treasure these. I love all the little special touches. I can't quit touching them and looking at them.

#1 - The Good Girl - by Cher. She is wonderfully naughty! I'll bet that was a wild time she had in Paris.

#2 - Dilbert DoRight - by Jean. She did a whole family of Dorights with a story about them on the back and I was one of the lucky ones to get a DoRight family member.

#3 - The Sewing Queen- by Candy. Not only is she beautiful on the front but she has a beautiful Photographic studio print on the back.

#4 - The Gambler - by Gloria. Oh, I love those dollar signs in his eyes! Look at all those special touches!

#5 - The seamstress - by Gloria. Can't quit touching all this great vintage stuff!

#6 - Walrus Soup - by Kris. Walrus soup is the perfect title for this one and I love the colors!

#7 - Follow your Dreams - by Claudia. Yes, I know we only did 6 but Claudia and I swapped with each other for an extra one. Don't you just love these bright wonderful colors? They are also sparkly because they are H2Os.

#8 - The cabinet card holder - Joan. The inside is accordian folded like a book & the cards fit into the folds like they are fitting into files. I love my altered ancestor holder!


Linda Manning Findley said...

they look great .... know you must love them ... I really love the ones I got ...... Linda F

Veronica said...

oh my gosh the top one is awesome!! they all are great but the top one....WOW