Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twinchie display and other treasure displays on my mantle

I wanted to display my treasured twinchies for all my family to enjoy but keep them out of my little Grandson's reach. I have put them on my old mantle's Thanksgiving garland which is some fancy Fall ribbon and orange trim. This is not a fireplace but a display of this wonderful old mantle that we stripped and refinished.(click on the picture to see a larger view.) We've had the mantle for over 20 years. It came out of an old house that was being torn down. I've got the twinchies on an orange piece of trim that my Sister was going to discard and I scooped it up cause I loved the Fall colors. She will be amazed at the display of it I'm sure.
The pumpkins on the bottom shelf are real pumpkins and the ones on the top shelf are ceramic ones that I made about 20 years ago and they were in the attic. I just rediscovered them after a trip up into the attic.
I've got my Thankful ATC on display on the left side and the Thanksgiving cards for each family are on the right side. Those little ceramic turkeys salt and pepper shakers were also found in the attic with the pumpkins.
The bowl in the middle was a carnival glass wedding gift given to us 38 years ago. And the leaves in the middle of the ribbon garland were velvet leaves also found in the attic. Oh and one more treasure is on the mantle. It's the old clock that my Mother-in-law's bother earned when he was a child selling Clorine salve door to door and gave to his Mother for Christmas.


Kate said...

What a great idea and so creatively displayed. Your home is looking very festive for the holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan said...

Love that old mantle! I had two at one time, but had to get rid of them since we had no room and were moving. I've been kicking myself ever since! Love how you displayed the twinchies.

Lorraine said...

love your mantlepiece and displays..I love old mantelpiece and would love to live in a huge old house with lots of room..love your artwork and thanks for the comment on my blog