Tuesday, March 31, 2009

altered book page

The horses are an altered book page tip-in swap that I was in with my art group. The patterned paper was also a gift from a friend. It had snow and daffodils on it. How lucky for this layout! The large daffodil was drawn by hand and water colored. The captions for the horses are saying, "Jazz, Is this S.C.? And Jazz is saying; "I'm not going out there."
The journaling says:
"It was March 2, 2009. It seemed like
Spring was starting to arrive. The
daffodils were in bloom. Then we got
several days of hard rain. The next
thing you know the weatherman says it's
going to snow. No way, we thought and
we never believed that it would stick after
such hard rains! But it did snow 6" and
thundered and lightened while it snowed.
Barbara Rossman sent me this tip-in of
the horses and I'm sure that is the way they
felt about the weather at that point.
This picture shows the power lines right
before they snapped and they had to come
out and fix it. I sure am glad we have gas logs!"
Thanks for the wonderful tip-in Barbara!
You can see Barbara's blog here:

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Barbara Rossman said...

Thanks Nancy for posting that tip in. You are lucky to have such great horses. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be around them. Great blog, your work is amazing.