Thursday, September 17, 2009

blackberry ATC

This is a stamped and embossed ATC that I did for a swap with my Altered book club.
There is a story behind it. My sister and I used to pick blackberries when we first moved into the home where I grew up. There were not many homes in the neighborhood at that time. There were wild blackberries and plum trees everywhere. I loved filling buckets and eating all those goodies that Mom made when we brought them home. But while picking them, I stopped to see what my sister was kicking at. It looked like a giant ant hill. I leaned over to see and about that time a giant bumblebee hill exploded! I had on a loose shirt and got stung several times on my stomach. It took a while for them to catch me as I was running and screaming. I remember the only comfort I got was my Grandma who put snuff on my stings.
I laugh now but then it was no laughing matter then!

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Diann said...

I just love your blackberry ATC! Not a very fun thing for you to have to go through, but I did enjoy the story behind your card.