Monday, September 7, 2009


Recently some friends of mine gave me an unbirthday party. They gave me a birthday party in August to surprise me and my birthday is not in August so it certainly did surprise me! One of the many things they gave me was quilt blocks to make into a Red Hat Quilt. Some had borders and some did not. Some were appliqued and some were paper pieced. They were not all the same size. So I decided to go with the randomness and add random borders to the smaller blocks with the scraps that they gave me in order to have the blocks the same size so that I can put them all together. I still have to make one block of my own and I think I might add another red border. The block that is embroidered with a saying says, "Friendship is the golden thread that ties our hearts and souls together." They all will sign this block and I hope to get them to sign each block so that I know who did each block. What a wonderful Un-Birthday present!


Sarah Anderson said...

what fabulous friends you have!!

Diann said...

I love this and I know it will become a treasure - great friends you have and what a wonderful way to honor your un-birthday! Diann

Anneke said...

your quilt is awesome.
what a great design and stitching