Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Local 2nd Saturday Altered Book Club Christmas Party

Our altered book club had our Christmas Party Saturday. We made handmade gifts and put numbers on them and had fun opening them.
This is Jean's wreath to Charlotte with stick pins. She designed it for them to be removed from the wreath and cards to be made from them but I would be hard pressed to take them off that pretty wreath.

 This pretty box that Linda made was given to Martha one of our newer members and she is a paper doll collector and maker. She said that she would probably put a doll and her clothes and toys in the box.


These vintage Vargas girls paper dolls were Martha's gift to Pam. They are dressed in vintage wallpapers.
We have an art exchange each month and these are mine from Dorothy and Jean.

This is the configuration box that I made and Jean received this gift.

Martha, Karen, Linda, Pam Jean, Charlotte and Dorothy

Hopefully I will get one of the other girls photos because I didn't get in any of these.

Pam's stained glass bottle to Linda.

December's art exchange to Pam. Woodland theme.
Sorry but this photo is blurred and doesn't show off this beautiful canister set
that Dorothy made and Karen received.
Jean opens my gift to her.

Roxie's gift to Nancy which is a box with little folders inside to
hold pictures and I LOVE it! Thanks, Roxie!


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Joanne Huffman said...

Just the right kind of holiday party - a fun gift exchange with fellow artists.