Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be My Grungy Valentine

This is a hangie that I made for my art group - AAWA's monthly lottery.

I used my UHU twist and glue which was a freebie that was sent to me. I really like it! It does a little glue but you can twist it up and it makes a bigger surface to glue with. I will definately be a fan of this glue from now on! Thank you UHU!

Now UHU is my favorite glue stick and my favorite clear liquid glue.


Barbara Rossman said...

Hey Girlfriend. I love it!! You are SO SO clever. You are my idol, honest......Happy New Year to you and yours..... love those horses for me... if I could only put my nose in their mane and breath in that incredible horsey odor....gosh.

Barbara, Oregon

Diann said...

I really like your grungy Valentine....lucky person to win what has been shown so far! Happy New Year! Diann

Autumn said...

SOOOOO awesome, Nancy!!! Boy, I sure missed you gals yesterday.

Priscilla said...

I really like this grungy valentine..I have never done grungy, but plan on giving it a go soon. Thanks for the inspiration