Thursday, April 29, 2010

Erosion bundle unveiled

I'm a few days late posting my erosion bundle but hey, better late than never!
An erosion bundle is art supplies put outside in January and taken down in April and then an art project made out of the supplies.

You can read more about it here:

Here is the bundle that I put out in January:

This is the art supplies after staying out all winter and coming inside in April. The paper sack has catapillars on it. The flowers are now white and all the supplies now look faded and worn. The slide holder has a green and a pink side and I forgot that when I took the photo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Me with a horse of a different color.

Janet with her newest quilt.

Thea and her necklace.

Polly and her necklace.

Lynn and her necklace.

Ellen and her necklace and she is looking through one of our "clean out books".

The necklaces

I had a luncheon with all my dear friends who are all quilters and we sometimes give each other hand made gifts. So I made necklaces for all of them. This is the necklaces I made and these are my friends wearing them. We all had to laugh because much of the stuff brought today was stuff that we were trying to share with each other that we had cleaned out of our own stuff. Janet who loves to make dolls, made a horse of a different color for me. It represents my real Paint horse , Rose and I'll treasure it always!

Sunflower transfer - TMTA

This is my ATC for TMTA where the theme this week is transfers. This is a packing tape transfer.
To do packing tape transfers just use the type tape that you use to send packages in the mail. Tape over any picture such as one in a magazine like I did here. Rub really good to make sure the tape is adhered well. Soak in water and rub the paper off the back of the tape. The picture will remain on the tape and the tape is then ready to use on your art.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Puzzled faces - TMTA

This is my ATC for Think Monday -Think ATC where the theme is triangles for this week.

birthday cake

This is a picture of the birthday cake that I did for my Grandson. He just loves planets and he really enjoyed this cake as did everyone else at the party. It was a yummy chocolate cake. I thought my DH was taking photos of the Birthday party and the Birthday boy but he was not. So I'll have to wait and get pictures from my Son and DIL.