Monday, November 25, 2013

Mix It Monthly - 2nd Canvas - Graphic pattern and Children

I did this canvas just for fun but realized that it would fit into the Mix It Monthly theme also because it has the correct colors and it has graphic pattern in the woman's dress. I found this picture in a magazine and just adored the sweetness of it and wanted to paint it. I did the dress of the woman in white and then did a stencil with lace over the white to give it the pattern. I wanted the woman to look like a bride. The little girl is just so cute! The canvas is mixed media. There are old book pages and writing underneath but you really don't see them unless you know they are there. The painting is water colors and acrylics. I named the painting "Flower Girls".
So here is my 2nd painting for the month! Wow! Didn't know I had it in me!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mix It Monthly - November challenge - Kids and Graphic pattern

Over on Mix It Monthly (here), the challenge for this month was to do a painting of a child, to do some pattern and to use sea blue, pale pink, and green colors. A friend asked me if I had done paintings of my family and I realized that I have not. So I found this picture of my 6 year old Grandson.  I thought that it would be perfect with the pattern in his shorts, the tree for the green and the sky for the pink and blue. This is the best fun I have all month and I am doing things that I would never have done otherwise if it were not for this challenge. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Conny over on Mix It Monthly has the honor of being one of the teachers in the Soul Food art class. She is giving away a spot in the class on Monday 11/11 here. If you'd like to win a spot in the class just go to the link and leave a comment.