Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mix It Monthly Native American Challenge

Mix It Monthly is having a challenge to draw or paint a Native American scene with gray tones and collaged elements. This appealed to me to do a Native American Face because I love to do different faces and I did try to keep to the gray tones in my drawing and my collage element is the Native American blanket over her shoulders. After she was finished, I thought that she looked like she was praying and this verse keep coming to my mind for her. I hope that you enjoy seeing her.
Pia Rom who usually does the challenge over on Mix It Monthly has been chosen to do Paint Your Heart and Soul here. Check it out if you'd like to take a course. It will have 24 artist involved.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Watercolor Cards

I enjoyed making some watercolor cards today. I hope that you will enjoy looking at them.

Mix It Monthly - Theme - Art inspired by Songs

I haven't posted in so long I had almost forgotten how to post! But I want to get started back into posting more often now. This drawing was done with the Song "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble" in mind. The song has a line about "dancers who dance upon injustice". It is a worship song that we sing in our church. That phrase is not actually in the Bible but I do feel that God calls His people out to worship Him and to help those who are oppressed and feel the injustices in this world.
So this is the dancer who came out of my mind. I hope you enjoy seeing her.
You can here the song here on You Tube if you want to hear it.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stormy Seas - MIM Pirate challenge

This is my pirate for the Mix It Monthly Challenge where the theme is Pirates. I didn't want my pirate to be overly handsome. I wanted him to have a nose that might have been broken in a fight and I wanted him to look a little tough and concerned given the stormy seas that he is looking out on. Hope you enjoy seeing him!