Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Views

Here are some views of the snow here. There is one from my back porch, the side yard and the front yard. There is also a view of the 2 horses and the goat. You can see the goat in the lower left of the door. She wears a pipe taped onto her horns to keep her from being caught in the fense.  It is still snowing pretty hard and a lot more is expected between now and in the morning. It will be interesting to see how it looks in the morning.


Another Eye Token

This is the first eye token that I did and was going to originally do this one for Dee. But when I finished it, I realized that it would be a little wild for Dee but perfect for me especially since the eye belongs to Paul McCartney! I really enjoyed see Paul and Ringo on the Grammys and seeing Paul win a Grammy along with his group.
This token has a strong magnet on the back and is on my black fridge so that I can enjoy it every day.
We are bracing for a really big snow event here in South Carolina today.  The governor has already declared a state of emergency!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lover's Eye Token and Orchid

This is a Lover's Eye Token that I made for my friend, Dee in my online art group, AAWA (An Affair With Art). Eye tokens were made long ago with secret loves in mind. It is hard to tell who the person is with just one eye and maybe that was done on purpose. The person who wore the eye tokens that were made long ago wore them close to their hearts. But these are made just as a fun art project for Valentine's Day. This one was made with a form from Paper Whimsy Here and the back form has holes for the beads but the front form was wire wrapped in order to get the beads around it. The back form was painted metallic turquoise and the front form was painted antique gold. The heart
is a small sequin. Then I used glossy accents to seal the eye. I hope that Dee enjoys this for Valentine's Day. I love doing these because they are really fun to do. I just had a hard time because one of my cats wanted to help me and it is not easy to wire beads on with a cat paw in it!
This is the orchid today. It only has 4 more blossoms to go and then it will be in full bloom. It is a beautiful sight every day to look at and really is brightening up these very cold days in January.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Orchid and fabric tag

This is a picture of a fabric tag that I did for Jon in my online art group, AAWA (An Affair With Art). I think it turned out really pretty and perfect for Valentines Day. The lace is antique tatting that was on an antique handkerchief. The white pocket is also part of the handkerchief. The beads and antique lace are hand sewn onto the tag.
Below the tag is the orchid today. There is only one more bloom on the main stem, 2 on the stem out of the main stem and 4 more to go on the other stem.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mix It Monthly 2nd painting - Funny Hats and My Orchid and Violet January 15, 2014

I thought that I would share this new picture of my orchid as it gets more beautiful every day. Everyone who comes in enjoys it so much. But I am also sharing a picture of a lovely little violet that I almost lost. I had forgotten about it and didn't water it for a long time and when I brought it in for the Winter, I didn't know if it would live or not. But here it is blooming and beautiful too!
I was feeling really happy the other day and I wanted to do a whimsical bird painting for Mix It Monthly. I completely forgot that we had a color scheme! Duh! But I am going to share it anyway. This is the magazine picture that inspired me.
And this is my painting that I did. I call this painting the cocky cardinal.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Orchid - January 8, 2014

This is an orchid that I have sitting in my front window. I has 7 blooms on it and at least 12 more buds waiting to bloom! I will take pictures as they open and share them with you. I thought that it was just too pretty not to share!

Mix It Monthly - A Funny Hat

Wow! It's cold here in South Carolina! Here is a picture of our thermometer at 10 degrees yesterday morning on our covered porch. It did get colder than that. The wind chill made it feel like 10 to 20 below zero! Now that is cold for South Carolina. They said we have not been this cold in 20 years. I remember 20 years ago when we had friends from Florida visit. They could not believe how cold it was and this year it was colder than that year. I am glad to see our two poor horses survived the cold and look forward to it getting warmer as the week goes on.
I finally had time to do some art yesterday while I sat in my warm house. Thank goodness the heat and power were on at our house! I did a butterfly princess. She loves her butterfly hat that I made her for the Mix It Monthly challenge. In fact, she is tickled pink! The colors we were to use were orange, hibiscus, and violet. My sister gave me new watercolors for Christmas and the colors are so vibrant for water colors, especially that wonderful orange! The butterflies are stamped and cut out and colored with hibiscus and violet. What a fun painting this was to do! Do you think that she might look a little like Miley? That was not intentionally but just the way it turned out.