Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another crazy dress for Mix It Monthly

I had to do a tag for a friend in my Altered Book club so I did this one. It is from a book which I don't remember the exact title but I purchased it for my 9 year old Granddaughter. It was something about the art of Zentangles. I did a head drawing in my sketch book and so did she and she did quite well. Wish I had taken a picture of it before she left but alas I forgot to. We had fun all weekend with that book. One of the pictures was of a fairy zentangle dragonfly bride. I changed her some and made her into a butterfly bride as my friend, Jean wanted a tag with butterflies and flowers on it for her piece of art that we do in our local altered book club. She has red hair which is a nod to another of my lovely Grandgirlies. I hope Jean enjoys her and I hope that you enjoy looking at her. After I did her I realized that she would fit right into that crazy dress theme that Mix It Monthly has going on so I will add her to the links there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mix it Monthly - Crazy Dress

I had to do an altered book for my friend, Char in my altered book club and her theme is Seasons.
Lots of people have worked in her lovely altered book and most of the seasons had been done. So I looked at Pinterest for some design inspiration for Seasons. I saw in there that an art teacher had dressed the Mona Lisa for the Seasons in the classroom. Well that inspired me to dress some famous characters for the seasons and I thought that I might could combine it with Mix It Monthly's theme of crazy dress. So I chose American Gothic for my characters to dress. I painted over them with gesso and drew their outfits onto them. The Spring outfit is the crazy dress for Mix it Monthly. The flowers
were from Easter Seal stamps and I found the Summer drink in some of my Summer stuff. The Winter one has glitter snow on it. These were fun to do but were quite the challenge! I figured the original American Gothic would be perfect for Fall. What do you think?