Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jeri's and Jan's visit to our house and canvas we made

I am a member of an online art group called AAWA (An Affair With Art). I have been a member for many years and the leader of our group is Jeri and she lives in Texas. We got the joyful new that Jeri wanted to visit our house along with another member who is Jeri's good friend, Jan. Jan is from Salt Lake City, UT. We were so glad to have them visit us and we had a wonderful time! My dear hubby only remembered to take one photo and there were several more South Carolina girls that visited with us. Claudia, Pam, Linda, Autumn, Charlotte and Jean were there to have some meals with us and have some creative fun with us. This photo is me, Jeri, Jan and Charlotte.
This is the cute canvas that we made. I saw the directions for it here -
We all did our canvases different and I wish I had taken photos of all of them.
I am tired but so happy to have had everyone here enjoying themselves!

Friday, June 5, 2015

A small flower canvas and a Julie Nutting Prima doll tag

My online art group AAWA (An Affair with Art) is doing a small artsy canvas swap and a Julie Nutting - Prima doll tag swap. Here is my canvas for the swap. The canvas had to be between 4"x4" and 5"x7". My canvas is a 5x7 size. The theme of the swap is "Who doesn't love a flower in bloom?"
I love nasturtiums and used to grow them in my flower gardens. I love them because them are so pretty and brightly colored and they are edible! They are peppery and spicy.
The tag was to be done with a Julie Nutting - Prima doll stamp. I did her in a red, white and blue theme because next week is flag day and July 4th is coming up shortly. But she could also be used on a card for any celebration. This doll is supposed to have boots on but I drew her some new legs and flip-flops for her 4th celebration. I hope that you enjoy looking at them!
I don't often do this but I updated my drawing of the nasturtium. I kept looking at it thinking something was missing and looked at some real flowers online. Now I like it better!

Profile - June Mix It Monthly Challenge and feminine and masculine - Art Journal Journey

Over on Mix it Monthly, the challenge was to do a profile. I love faces so this is right up my alley. I found the face in a 1955 Look magazine. The picture under the model says, "The Balenciaga Hat,
like one worn by a circus pony, was frivolous idea shown with dinner clothes."
The hat reminds me of fascinator hats sometimes worn by the British as some wore at the royal wedding. I think someone would have to be a fun loving person and not deterred by anyone making fun of their hat in order to wear any hats like these. I want to encourage you and those who read my art journal to go out there and have some fun!
Valarie on Art Journal Journey told that this would qualify for their theme of masculine/feminine also so I linked it over there too. I was unsure if we had to show both in our art work or not but glad to know this would work over there also! Thanks, Valarie!