Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mix It Monthly - Zodiac sign, Fire and glitter

I did read all the instructions on Mix It Monthly Site. I read it and saw zodiac sign, fire and glitter. When I went back I realized that it was specific signs of the zodiac in the group of fire which are Leo, Sagittarius and Aries! But hopefully they will accept my Scorpio zodiac sign. I did a self portrait inspired by an article in September/October 2013 Somerset Studio entitled "The Loose Woman Series by Sue Pelletier. It is her series of paintings that embrace who you are - imperfections and all! So in my self portrait, I have a new tattoo of a scorpion and I am running on the very hot South Carolina beaches. That is where the fire element comes in. My bathing suit is done with a Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen for the glitter. This portrait will go into my good friend, Claudia's altered book which is "What Inspires You". Art inspires me and Sue's art inspired me to do this portrait. But I love looking at all kinds of art to get inspiration. That is one reason I like to do challenges and stretch myself to do more than I normally would.