Monday, March 26, 2012

e is for egg - TMTA

Here is my ATC for this week's theme which is eggs.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

alterd Altoid Tin filled with goodies

I did this Altoid tin swap with my online art group and this was the tin I altered and all the goodies that I put into my tin. This was such fun to do this tiny tin filled with goodies.

Drawing and Watercoloring just for the fun of it

My dear friend, Bren gave me her book that she used several years ago to learn to draw. I am reading the book and have gathered my supplies. It seems like I never have the time to just enjoy doing some art. So last night I was just itching to get started so I found a drawing that I liked of a frog and got started. This is a postcard for a friend that always makes me laugh so I wanted my drawing to be lighthearted. I was also influnced to do some watercolors after watching the Strathmore art workshop videos. My drawing is a long way from perfect but I am just starting out without any formal training and just starting to read Bren's book so I was very pleased with it. I hope my friend, Kathy enjoys it.
Here is the original drawing in a book of the frog.

And here is my watercolor drawing.