Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friends 4x4

My online art group, AAWA is doing a book of 4x4s and this is my Friends 4x4 for this under lock & Key swap. We will be making a bound book when these all come in. I have to make 31 of these. I am getting there. Thank goodness we have 3 months to make them. I just loved these little girls in hats and I loved the quote because I have so many wonderful friends in this group. Pink and grunge is just so me! The mask is one of Tim Holt's new mini masks and the paper is Porclain by Basic Grey which is another favorite of mine.

Fish Hangie Dangie

This is my fish hangie dangie for AAWA, my online art group. We had to do something with a fish in it and have it where it would hang and have something dangling down from it. The saying says, "Nothing makes fish bigger than almost being caught." This has actual fishing swivels and spinners on it from my husbands tackel box.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wild - Think Monday - Think ATC

This is my ATC for this week's challenge which is wild animals.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Demo for SDU

This is what I did for my first demo for SDU. I arrived between 10 and 11am and stayed until a little after 2pm on Saturday. I was given these rectangles of paper by the activity coordinator and I cut some strips before my demo so that customers could see how the new low profile punches work. The butterfly is a sticker that was put on with the new powder tool and 3D dots. I know now that demos need to be kept very simple because everyone seems to be in a hurry. This did seem to work very well. People seemed to be very interested in the new tools and the classes. I gave out lots of info and plan to do as many of these type demos as I can before the classes start so that hopefully I'll have enough people sign up to have a class. I gave out brochures, calendars, and a list of the supplies needed for classes because that is probably the most asked question that people asked besides how much does it cost. I put a pretty little tablecloth on the table and wore a pretty apron that a friend made me with my SDU instructor pin along with a name tag I made with my name and certified SDU Instructor on it.
I brought a scrapbook that I made about my little Grandson to display.
AC Moore was so nice and helpful to me.
Now I'll feel much less nervous at the next one - Whew!
Go here to learn more about SDU: http://www.scrapbookdesignandyou.com/

India - Think Monday - Think ATC

I thought I was going to have to sit this one out but I found this old travel image on one of my Dover CDs. The old tile background is from Scrapbook factory and I thought it looked like something that might be in this old hotel.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bird Nest

I did carefully get up on a ladder down at my barn and took a picture of the nest. I was dissapointed because I could not get a picture inside the nest because it is too high and too close to the roof of the barn. Even my little camera would not fit in that tiny spot. I did snap a picture or two but it was too blurry to see in there even on macro. I was able to get a feather or two more out of it. That is the feathers you see sticking out of the nest and that is horse mane hair on the outside.
I think that the mother barn swallow has found those feathers somewhere & is using those feathers to make her nest softer. They seem to be connected to the nest. So of course, I got down and I'm not going to bother her nest anymore. Hopefully she will have a nice nest of babies. If I see babies, I'll keep you posted and if I find out about the feathers I'll let you know. Who knows - they might be guineafowl after all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What kind of bird is this feather from?

What kind of bird is this feather from? It is so pretty and it seems to have nested in an old mud barn swallow nest from last year in our barn. It looks closest to a spotted owl feather but they are not supposed to be here in SC. Do you know what kind of bird this beautiful polka dot feather is from?
I'm going to have to take a picture of the nest. It is very small. About the size of your hands cupped together and on the roof of the barn. It is very close to the roof and doesn't look like there would be room for a large bird as big as a guineafowl.
I will post pictures later of the nest. I may have to take a ladder to the barn to do so. I'm wondering if it could be an owl that is raiding a barn swallow nest. Humm! More to follow hopefully. The barn swallows still seem to be coming and going out of the barn.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teaching SDU @ AC Moore

This is a scrapbook layout of my little Grandson when he was picking out his pumpkin in October. I am certified and I am going to be teaching Scrapbook Design University (SDU) at AC Moore in Greenville in the month of June, 2009 on Friday nights from 6-8pm. SDU is a curriculum developed by EK Success Brands'
Education Director, Joy Macdonell that teaches the basics of scrapbooking in a four week program. Students learn how color, design, journaling, lettering and embellishments all work together to form the foundation of scrapbooking.
I'm excited about teaching & I have my fingers crossed that we'll have a good class in June.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jewels - Think Monday - Think ATC

This is my ATC for Think Monday - Think ATC. The theme this week is jewels. This ATC was inspired by my two year old Grandson who sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to me yesterday for Mother's day. This is a magazine picture of a baby which I lightly gessoed over. Then I drew the features with a black fine pen and water colored it. I masked the baby and it's blanket and stamped above it and embossed it. The little star is embossed too with a jewel in the center.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peacock - TMTA

This is my ATC for Think Monday - Think ATC. The theme is a Peacock or a peacock feather.