Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our local Altered Book Club Christmas party

These are pictures of our Altered Book Club party which was held at my house and some of the pictures were so funny that I almost cried laughing looking at them so I decided to make them into a fairy tale. I love a good fairy tale, don't you? Some of the pictures are funny because sometimes I cannot tell what they look like until I view them bigger on the computer. Blame it on my old eyes!

The first few pictures are of my house with the Christmas decorations up and those are not the fairy tale. The fairy tale begins with the people pictures. With apologies to Jean and Brenda here goes –

Nothing like an early party to make you get your decorating get done. This is a table I set up for Claudia and Martha & I was unsure if they would be able to make it to the party and sadly they were not able to come to the party due to health issues. So this table became a display table for our gifts and art we had made to show each other.

These are the other tables that I had set up for us to eat.

So Now the fairy Tale begins -

Jean decided to make some new laws for our group so she laid down the law while Linda and Karen read the new laws.

Brenda could NOT believe it but Char just laughed! We all love to hear her laugh!

Linda tried to be supportive while Karen was unsure but Jean just let them know with a look that she was dead serious!

Autumn and Nancy thought that it was funny too but Pam had to call Roxie & Claudia and tell them!

Mitzi was surprised and Brenda was still trying to figure it out and Char was still laughing!

Pam was desperately trying to explain the new rules to Claudia!

Linda and Karen finally got the joke and they laughed about it too! Jean was only teasing and we really don't have new rules! Aren't you glad Brenda?

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